2.5D Platformer: New Project!

I finished my last project, The Great Fleece, so now it’s time for a new one!

For those who don’t know, I am enrolled in “Game Dev HQ’s Professional Unity Developer Program.” It’s intensive training that goes through 6–7 game courses. It prepares you to become a hirable Unity Developer within 120 days. I am a witness to seeing several students hired already!

At this moment, I am on the third course, and it’s a 3D side scroller game. Hence, the 2.5D. It’s going to have double jumps, collectibles, ledge grabbing, elevators, moving platforms, puzzles, and more new stuff to learn from!

I am excited to write new articles about progress updates and new unity systems I will be learning! If you are interested in following, please stay tuned for more.

That is all for today. Thank you for passing by!




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Gabriel Perez

Gabriel Perez

Hello everyone, My name is Gabriel Perez, I am a Unity Developer and a creator who is always learning and experimenting.