2D Mobile Adventure Game Complete!

I can now say I am Mobile Game certified!

You can play the WebGL version Here: https://sleepingdaemon.itch.io/dungeon-escape

I had a blast going through the coursework for GameDevHQ’s Professional Unity Developer Program 2D mobile course! Not only did I learn new things, but I also managed to extend the coursework for a better player experience.

I implemented and extended:


The course did not cover the sound process. So I implemented a sound system by creating an audio manager script to handle all of the sounds. I also managed to look into using Unity’s audio mixer to separate all sounds into groups. I managed to control several sounds that needed adjustment.


I added more areas to the given map layout that was provided. This means that there are more areas to explore! I also placed several platforms that can only be reached by obtaining a special ability to double jump.

Smuggler Shop:

I added an extra item to the shop. It’s a health potion. I also added small details for when an item is purchased. The text turns red and the item price text change to “SOLD.”


I tweaked the enemies to be more reactive. I also implemented damage for when the player or enemy collide with each other. And to make the game replayable, all skeletons can now revive. This means that there are more chances of losing, but there's more drop loot!


  • I added a short basic intro to introduce the player to the objective. It gives a sense of goal.
  • I also added many small enhancements and fixes to the environment, HUD, and code. When the player reaches the door to escape but does not have the key, a prompt will pop up stating that the player does not have it.

What I took from this

Many things stood out with this course. One is that I learned how to implement a cross-platform input system. Very crucial when shipping to various platforms, such as a mobile device. Second, the implementation of an Ad system for mobile devices. Unity provides a well-documented and flexible ad system with a dedicated dashboard to set up and monetize your ads.

Lastly, there were other small things that I had known but took it further with more experience. That is the use of abstract classes, interfaces, tilemaps, tiles, and the animation system.

It was a great experience to follow through, complete the challenges, and take it further on my own for a better experience!

I can now say I am Mobile Games Certified!

In case you’ve missed it, you can play the WebGL version Here: https://sleepingdaemon.itch.io/dungeon-escape




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