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Gabriel Perez

So your game needs an Escape button? I’ll show you how in this short article!

If you don’t have a GameManager script, I would suggest creating one to handle the logic for loading scenes and quitting the application.

Would you like to know how to play sound fx for your games in Unity? You’ve come to the right place!

The objective is to create a modular sound system to call a specific sound clip to their respective place in code. If you know about the SOLID Principles in software engineering, then you should remember the ‘S’ in Solid.

Single Responsibility Principle.

We want to create an object that will be responsible for the audio of the game. Then we can use it as a reference for other scripts to communicate too.

Creating the Game Object

First, let's create an empty game object and name it “Audio_Manager.”

This will hold the data for all of our sound clips.

We also want to attach the…

Hello everyone! Today I manage to beautify the visuals of the game!

I learned how to use the post-processing system in Unity. Very simple to use. I don’t know why I had the thought of it being difficult!

There are quite a lot of effects to choose from. The most prominent one for me was Color Grading.

Do you want to make your game look aesthetically pleasing with post-processing effects? I’ll show you how!

Post-processing beautifies the visuals!

To begin, we need to install the post-processing package. Let’s click on Window > Package Manager. The Package Manager window will pop up.

Hello everyone! A lot has happened since my last progress update! I added a 3rd power-up, created a simple UI, and added some VFX to spice up the visuals.

Before getting into them, I want to say that the journey so far into becoming a Unity Developer has been an experience! It is more than what I had hoped for it to be! It’s like an actual class in College but straight to the point with no fillers.

Onto some progress!

I can now collect a shield power-up! The implementation went smoothly. Different than the others.

Since the shield power-up gives a permanent…

Hello everyone! Today is another exciting day. I implemented a damage VFX visualizer for when the player is hurt!

The objective is to show player damage through the stages of its lives. Let’s go on!

I used a sprite ready to be animated that resembles a fireball.

I created a new animation clip, dragged in the frames, and voila! It’s alive! Ready to be used.

We have to remember that the player has three lives. When the player has three, we do nothing. Its hull is in mint condition.

If the player gets hit, then reduce the lives to two…

Hello everyone! Today is another day for game dev! This time it's about having the enemies explode when destroyed.

Let’s check out the asset we are going to use.

The objective is to have the animation play when the enemy is destroyed.

  • Make sure we open the enemy prefab. We have our enemy Sprite Renderer and Animator component within a child object. So let’s select it, and head over to the Animator window.

Loading scenes in Unity is simple! Here’s how.

Starting a new game from the Main Menu loads the Game scene.

Open an existing or a new project. Let’s create a new scene so that we have two scenes available.

We have to add our scenes in the Build Settings: File > Build Settings. This keeps track of our scenes and issues an index number to them.

Would you like to create a simple Retro Game Over behavior like an arcade game in Unity? I’ve got you covered!

The behavior we want is to have a Game Over UI element flicker when the player dies. It requires setting up the UI element in Unity and create logic through code for it to flicker.

First, let us create a new UI element of “text.”

Gabriel Perez

Hello everyone, My name is Gabriel Perez, I am a Unity Developer and a creator who is always learning and experimenting.

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