Adding Post-Processing Profiles in Unity

Does your game need a graphical boost to make it more awesome-looking? Look no further! Post-Processing is the answer!


What is it? In simple terms, it greatly improves the visuals of your game! In what way? When you create a new volume with a profile, you’ll have access to several effects depending on the render pipeline you’re in.

The GIF below demonstrates a scene with and without post-processing.

Notice the glow and the color adjustment? Those are effects you can add to your post-processing volume. Let me show you how!

Setting up

In Unity, go to GameObject > Volume > Global Volume.

You can give it a name. Select the game object and in the inspector, hit the new button on Profile.

Disregard the message. I already have a global volume set so it’s complaining at me :D

It will create a new post-processing profile that will be placed under your Scenes folder.

Select your camera, and check “Post Processing” under Rendering. Also, select “Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing (FXAA)” to smooth our the crispy lines in the game view.

Select your Global Volume game object and click on “Add Override.”

You can now add effects! Bloom, Color Adjustment, Vignette, Film Grain, and Motion Blur are my favorites. You can give them a try and mess with it’s intensity and other options they have.

The image above are my current Global Volume settings. Bloom makes our lights glow. Color adjustment adjust the over all color if needed. Vignette makes the corners of the screen darker. Film Grain helps with hiding jaggy lines and it also gives that movie feeling! Motion blur is used when you move around the map to give that motion feeling.

You can see the changes below.

There is also a way to have certain emissions light up stronger or weaker. All you have to do is adjust the HDR by the Emission Map option in the material.




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