Cinemachine: Look At and Body

Gabriel Perez
2 min readMar 10, 2022

What are Look At and Body in Cinemachine? Let's take a look!

Look At

The “Look At” is the aim target (game object) to look at. The Aim properties in the Virtual Camera use the Look At target for its properties. The Aim properties control the rotation of the Look At target.

Look At and Follow target using the Body’s 3rd Person Target algorithm.


The Body of a virtual camera has properties to control the Follow target. Unlike Aim, which controls the rotation of the camera, the Body controls the position of the camera.

Follow Target using the Body’s Composer algorithm.

Combining Look At and Body

Combining them is ideal for different types of shots. If you want to track a moving character, we can use the Body’s Dolly Track algorithm and set a path in the environment. The Camera will move along the path following the movement of the character while looking at the target.

Dolly Track set-up in the Scene View.
The Body’s Dolly Track Algorithm in the Game View.

In my next medium post, I will go through the Body’s unique type of settings! Stay tuned!




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