Cinemachine: Security Camera using Blend List Camera

Gabriel Perez
3 min readMar 26, 2022

Blend List Camera

The blend list camera executes a sequence of blends or cuts among its child Virtual Cameras. It’s great for creating montages and security cameras!

Down below is an example of a montage, recorded directly in Unity, using many Blend List cameras.

Security Camera Setup

Creating a Blend List Camera automatically creates a game object with two child virtual cameras.

I positioned the child cameras high on a corner.

The position of both of the cameras.

I rotated the angle of the first camera toward the left wall and the second camera toward the right.

Blend List Camera Settings

I want the camera to loop back and forth from the first to the second and vice versa.

I make sure that I check the Loop property. The first child camera will reveal the option to Blend in. I want to ease in and out for both cameras. It will simulate how a security camera functions. I set both a value of 5 seconds to complete its blending from one camera to the other. I also set a value of 1 to both of the camera’s Hold properties to hold one second after its blend completion.


A Blend List Camera without a volume stack.
A Blend List Camera with a volume stack.

The final result mimics that of a security camera! Very easy and powerful. Playing around with more cameras with different Blend In settings can result in different ways of displaying security cameras through an interaction system.




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