Creating a Mech Hangar Room

Gabriel Perez
4 min readJan 14, 2022

Today I level designed a small mech hangar room in Unity!

I am learning how to put together a level by using assets available to me from GameDevHQ’s filebase plugin. The course itself goes through the process of level designing a Control Center/Lab room by the instructor Al. I like to challenge myself when the opportunity arises. So instead of following the same design as Al’s, I decided to follow through and make some changes.

The orange color didn’t sit well with me, so I changed the texture provided from the course to a blue-ish metallic texture in photoshop.

Filebase has several models that we can download into our assets. It truly made it easy for me to look around and find things I wanted for the scene.

Filebase is only accessible for students registered to the GameDevHQ’s Professional Unity Developer Program.

I started constructing the floors and moving, duplicating, and rotating the 3d tiles to their desired placement.

Secondly, I started constructing the walls. To make them interesting, going from dark to light to dark, and vice versa gives depth to the scene. So I experimented to come up with a couple of wall variants and alternate them around the layout of the ground.

Next, I constructed columns around the walls with an archway. I put together a column made up of three pieces and turned it into a prefab. Adding columns to break up the plain wall adds depth to the scene.

Next, I constructed the ceilings. One for the entrance and the other for the main room.

Next, since the shell of the room is complete, I can fill it with awesome assets to make the place livelier. Again, I went with a different direction for the design of the level from Al, the instructor. I turned it into a mech hangar instead of a sci-fi lab/control room.

From this:

To this:

Lastly, I added colliders around the level and the objects.

Finally, learning how to navigate and use short-cut keys to place objects around made the set-up a breeze. Also, organizing the hierarchy for a specific element in the scene caused no frustrations! It’s worth putting in the time to create empty game objects as folders and moving all relatable objects into it.

In conclusion, I had a blast setting up this scene! It is not close to being finished, but there will be more details, especially when I use Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline and the High Dynamic Render Pipeline. The scene will look more realistic with better lighting and materials.




Gabriel Perez

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