Gabriel Perez

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  • Thomas Kesler

    Thomas Kesler

    A Unity Developer with a fondness for Fantasy games and the challenge of pushing boundaries.

  • Rhett Haynes

    Rhett Haynes

    Learning to become a Unity game developer.

  • Dan Carter

    Dan Carter

    Data Scientist @ Unity Technologies. Formerly of SEGA. ML, mobile games, F2P, programming, data! All views are my own.

  • Simon Truong

    Simon Truong

    A Designer, an Illustrator and a massive tech geek aspiring to become a professional Unity Developer.

  • Michael Kilman

    Michael Kilman

    Author of the Sci-Fi series the Chronicles of the Great Migration, Anthropologist and Host of the YouTube Series, Anthropology in 10 or Less

  • Chris Hilton

    Chris Hilton

    Passionate Unity Game Developer

  • Mina Pêcheux

    Mina Pêcheux

    I’m a freelance full-stack web & game developer. I’m passionate about topics like CGI, music, data science and more! Find me at: :)

  • Games Woods

    Games Woods

    Unity Developer — Technology Leader — Making Unity Game Development Look Easy

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