High Definition Render Pipeline in Unity

If all you’re looking for is High-Fidelity visual graphics for your project, don’t look elsewhere!

Screenshot from a short film using HDRP.

The High Definition Render Pipeline, HDRP, can achieve realistic graphics for film, games, and anything that requires graphics quality. I like how Unity described it best:

HDRP lets you create cutting-edge, high-fidelity graphics for high-end platforms.

To have a glimpse of HDRP, Unity Technologies developed a short film showing its capabilities in realtime:

Also, Multiverse founder and CEO breaks down a game they have developed using HDRP, and he goes on about how it managed to give the high-fidelity visuals they wanted. It’s a 3-minute video worth watching if you want to see more about the render pipeline:


HDRP is meant for high-end hardware such as the Xbox, Playstation, and PC. If you are targeting realism on consoles, PC, film, architecture, or anything requiring quality graphics, use HDRP.

Using HDRP

If you are planning to use HDRP, create a new project with HDRP. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to HDRP from URP if you don’t know what you’re doing. The materials will not upgrade properly, and it can lead to breaking your game. If your project currently uses the Standard Render Pipeline, then upgrading to HDRP will not be a problem.


HDRP is an amazing pipeline. If you want realism, then go for it. It’s best used for PC, Xbox, Playstation, and high-end platforms.

To read more about HDRP, go to Unity’s documentation here. There is so much to read and learn about this pipeline.




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