P4: Creating a Sci-fi Office Den

Adding fog and volumetric lighting!


Add fog and volumetric lighting.


The scene without fog.

I have a global volume component in my scene where I can enable fog and volumetric lighting. Then I can play around with the settings and find a sweet spot.


By adding fog, it will give my scene more depth and add to the visual appeal. It also lightens the darks from a distance.

In my global volume settings, I added fog to the volume override list.

I enabled fog by ticking both boxes. I found that a Fog Attenuation between 25–50 is perfect for a room. I also ticked the Max Fog Distance and lowered it by a lot. We don’t need the fog far away for an interior setting.

Moving the attenuation down and up.

I kept the attenuation at 25 for the time being. I’ll adjust if needed later down the road.

The scene with fog.

If you are on a browser using a pc and the background is white, the images will seem to be darker than they are.

Volumetric Lighting

Volumetric Lighting will add a nice feeling to the scene. I want the directional light coming from the windows to cast rays of light inside.

I enable volumetric lighting by ticking both boxes in the Fog volume override.

I ticked the albedo box to change the color to a slight yellow. I also ticked the quality box and played around with the settings to adjust the quality of the rays.

I played with ticking both boxes for “Directional Lights Only,” but I ended up unticking because I also want my light sources to give a glow effect.

Volumetric Lighting to all light sources.

To enable Volumetric lighting on light sources, I selected my lights and in the inspector, I enabled Volumetrics.

I set the multiplier for my directional light to be eight times higher than my other light sources.

Anisotropy controls the angular distribution of scattered light.

You can see me adjusting the value on the gif above. I set mine to .5.

After spending more time adjusting the settings, I am settled with the fog and volumetric lighting.




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Gabriel Perez

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